Vet Guide: Trade Names

Common examples of trade names are mentioned in this publication. This does not imply endorsement of these products by either the authors or their respective affiliations.

BootHill®, FastDraw®, FirstStrike®, Generation®, Maki®, Resolv® and Rozol® are registered trademarks of Liphatech, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI).

BlueMax™, Borderline™, Hombre™ and Revolver™ are trademarks of Liphatech, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI).

Contrac®, Ditrac®, Final®, Hawk®, Jaguar® and TomCat® are registered trademarks of Bell Laboratories/Motomco (Madison, WI).

A-C Formula 90™ is a trademark of JT Eaton & Co. Inc. (Twinsburg, OH).

Just One Bite® is a registered trademark of Farnham Companies, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ).

Di-Kill® and Ramik® are registered trademarks of Neogen Corporation (Lansing, MI).

Rodex™ is a trademark of Neogen Corporation (Lansing, MI).

Ratoxin® is a registered trademark of Agrium Advanced Technologies RP, Inc. (Brantford, ON).

d-Con® is a registered trademark of Reckitt Benckiser (Parsippany, NJ).

Kaput® Doom, Kaput® and Kaput®-D are registered trademarks of Scimetrics LTD. Corporation (Fort Collins, CO).

Havoc®, Talon®-G, Ratak® and WeatherBlok®XT are registered trademarks of the Syngenta Group Company (Greensboro, NC).

Sorexa™ is a trademark of BASF Corporation (Florham Park, NJ).

Multi-Kill® is a registered trademark of Woodstream Corporation (Lititz, PA).

Brigand™ is a trademark of AB Bait Company (Bethlehem, PA).

Ratimor® is a registered trademark of Unichen d.o.o. (Slovenia).

Bitrex® is a registered trademark of McFarlan Smith (Scotland).

NOTE: The information in this guide does not represent labeling and does not replace information on rodenticide labels relating to exposure of non-target species to anticoagulants.

Please read and follow all label directions on all rodenticide products.