PMPs can save with two pail purchase for a limited time.

Service bait stations faster with Liphatech’s 40 gram FirstStrike® & Resolv® and SoftSecure Technology™ (SST) and save! For a limited time, receive a 10% mail-in rebate when you purchase two or more pails of 40 gram soft bait with SST rodenticide placement device included (Liphatech product #s 82347 & 87703).

Soft bait keeps getting better. It’s now available in a larger 40 gram size and the paper pouch can be removed. Get the same great FirstStrike and Resolv performance with no paper and no mess. Eliminate bait station rods
when you use SST. Simply remove the paper pouch, place the soft bait in the SST and close the bait station lid.

“Our 40 gram soft bait gives PMPs baiting flexibility. It can be used with or without the paper pouch. Combine this with our SST and PMPs can service stations more quickly and with no concerns of paper outside the
station,” said Manny Martinez, executive director, Liphatech, Inc.

This offer is only available to PMPs in the United States through July 31, 2015. Void where prohibited. Contact your local distributor to place orders. For additional information and details on this offer visit