Rozol® Vole Bait

rozol vole bait

Rozol® Vole Bait is a Restricted-Use Pesticide made using the multi-feed anticoagulant chlorophacinone. Rozol Vole Bait is formulated using paraffinized pellets instead of inferior “fillers” for outstanding weatherability and palatability. Rozol holds up to wet conditions before and after snow pack, reducing the chances of tree and root girdling, runway damage, and production losses from voles on your property. Rozol is labeled for vole control use in Fruit Tree Orchards (Bearing and Non-bearing), Commercial Nurseries, Christmas Tree Farms & Forestry Plantations, Border areas / Buffer Strips Adjacent to Crops, Lawns, Golf Courses, Parks, Other Ornamental Turf Areas, Ornamental Flower and Shrub Gardens in most states, (see label).

Rozol vole bait offers the following key benefits:

  • Outstanding Control. Broadcast applications have been validated by Qualls Agricultural Lab (Ephrata, WA): Vole populations were reduced by 80% (mark-recapture) vs. a 45% population increase for untreated areas. Feeding activity was reduced by over 62% with Rozol vs. +3% feeding for untreated areas.
  • Easy-to-Use / Less Work. No need to pre-treat and less repeat applications.
  • Low cost per acre – Savings in time, labor and fuel exceed comparative total costs of other more labor intensive methods such as installing wire mesh guards or plastic bands.
  • Readily-Available Antidote – Vitamin K1
  • Available in 50 lb. bags (#84313 – 40 per pallet).
  • Coverage: Minimum 5 acres at 10 lbs. per acre (broadcast). Band or targeted broadcast increases coverage.
  • Registered for use in all states except HI and the District of Columbia (DC).

Rozol Vole Bait is NOT approved for broadcast:

  • in Colorado, Florida, New York or Vermont on any vole species.
  • in Florida only for use on pine voles, and only by hand spot baiting.
  • do not apply to golf courses or turfgrass in California.

Restricted-Use Pesticide


For retail sale to and use only by Certified Applicators or persons under their direct supervision and only for those uses covered by the Certified Applicator's Certificate.

EPA Reg. No. 7173-242

Specimen Labels and Safety Data Sheets

Labels (Eng) SDS (Eng) Labels (Spa) SDS (Spa)
Labels (Eng) SDS (Eng) Labels (Spa) SDS (Spa)

Section 24(c) SLN Labels

States Target Species / Use Pattern 24(c) SLN No. Labels SDS Usage Period Expires
WA Vole (Aerial-use) WA-070019 Labels SDS N/A 12-31-17
ID Vole (Aerial-use) ID-110001 Labels SDS N/A 1-31-19
CA Vole (in Artichoke fields) CA-060006 Labels SDS Oct. 1 – Mar. 31 N/A


Vole Taxonomy & Behavior / Technical Sheet