NoTox - Green Alternative for Food Safety Rodent Monitoring

non toxic pest control

Your green alternative for food safety rodent monitoring:

  • Monitors 24/7 – saves labor by making field inspections easier and faster (no more sprung traps, less hunting for burrows).
  • Enviro-friendly – no active ingredient or environmental load; can be used around crops.
  • Smooth, Triangle-Shape – facilitates monitoring of gnaw marks to determine species present, pressure, and the need for more bait stations or bait broadcast.
  • NoTox is not a pesticide and contains no poison. This is a great option for non toxic pest control.

Specimen Labels and Safety Data Sheets

Labels (Eng) SDS (Eng) Labels (Spa) SDS (Spa)
Labels (Eng/Spa) SDS (Eng) Labels (Eng/Spa) SDS (Spa)