Rozol Prairie Dog Bait Stewardship


Rozol® Prairie Dog Bait is a:

Restricted-Use Pesticide

approved for use by state certified pesticide applicators in CO, KS, MT, ND, NE, NM, OK, SD, TX & WY. It is the responsibility of the user to read and follow all label directions.

Tribal Lands/Indian Reservations

Endangered Species (ES)

It is a Federal offense to use any pesticide in a manner that results in the death of listed, threatened, or endangered species. Use of this product may pose a hazard to endangered, threatened, or listed species.

When using this product, you must follow the directions contained in the Endangered Species Protection Bulletin for the county in which you are applying the product. To access and review Bulletins, consult the EPA’s Bulletin’s Live website or call 1-800-447-3813. You must use the Bulletin valid for the month in which you will apply the product. Because bulletins may change, it is mandatory to access them no more than 6 mos. prior to planned Rozol use.

Black-footed Ferret (BFF)

The Black-footed Ferret Coordinator must be contacted at 970-897-2730 x224 - if BFF's are found at any time before, during or after application, or during carcass searches.

Northern Aplomado Falcon (NAF)

In New Mexico and Texas, if indicated (red areas) for your specific county *, USFWS must be contacted prior to baiting to find out where NAF occur. Before bait application, a message must be left including your name and phone number. If USFWS does not respond within three days, applicator can proceed.

New Mexico, USFWS Phone: 505-346-2525
Texas, USFWS Phone: 817-277-1100