Liphatech - Committed to Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

Liphatech is the landowner’s partner in environmental stewardship, a top priority when using the products we manufacture and sell. Liphatech collaborates with government officials including; the EPA, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services, State Pesticide Inspectors, Conservation Groups, University Extension and County Weed & Pest Offices, and Stockmen’s Associations to ensure a sustainable approach to range and pasture management is followed. This approach balances practical use methods for landowners and applicators with the latest scientific methods. Additionally, Liphatech is committed to stewarding the Rozol® Prairie Dog Bait (RPDB) label in ways that meet the needs of a changing environmental landscape. RPDB has become the model for rodent management on range and pasture lands. Rozol PDB is the first rodenticide to be placed on the EPA’s Bulletin’s Live Website to ensure compliance in the protection of endangered species.

Ranchers and farmers realize they must provide a sustainable food supply to an ever expanding world population while being sensitive to their environmental responsibilities. Liphatech is committed to providing tools which maintain this important balance between them and their land. We do not just promote baits for field rodent management; we develop and educate about proper integrated pest management methods as solutions. Black-tailed Prairie Dog (BTPD) Management via a sound baiting program is necessary to protect the fragile perennial grazing grasses essential for efficient production of livestock. Liphatech supports the sustainability of the ranching industry by funding environmental, legislative, & conservation-land-trust efforts of stock grower’s associations.

Liphatech is committed to the welfare of listed and endangered species, and recognizes the need for proper product stewardship through site assessment both pre- and post- application, using the latest line transect survey methods. We recognize the need for BTPD management that protects other species using the same habitat as well as those species which depend on the Black-tailed Prairie Dog as food. In so doing, we want to provide the proper safeguards and risk mitigation including: end user education, the latest in-burrow baiting methods, and ensure the appropriate wildlife agencies are contacted in the event listed non-target species are found present in proposed treatment areas.

Liphatech has taken the leadership to ensure proper and safe handling of rodenticides. Each year, we conduct numerous educational stewardship meetings on “Best Use Practices & Label Compliance” in all registered states. Based on the quality and content of our educational materials, many states offer “Continuing Educational Units” (CEU’s) to persons attending these meetings. Interested in learning more? Do you need a speaker for a range management event in your area? Contact your Liphatech District Sales Manager.

Rozol Prairie Dog Bait is a restricted use pesticide approved for use by state certified pesticide applicators. If you require BTPD management on extensive acreage, or have limited manpower or time to complete treatment, Liphatech can help. We will answer questions and if you are not licensed, we can put you in contact with Certified Pesticide Applicators specialized in Black Tailed Prairie Dog Management. They have attended stewardship meetings, thoroughly understand proper application techniques, and use the latest equipment and baiting technology to ensure environmental regulations are met.  Please refer to the “Contact Us” section on our website.