Aegis®-RP Bait Stations

The Aegis-RP is the fast-to-open station that saves time and money. With several features, it is the highest-quality rodent bait station available.

  • Fast—Quick-to-service locking system offers unmatched opening speed, so you can service each station quicker.

    Convenient—Lid opens away from wall for faster servicing.

  • Enticing—"See the exit before entry" design lures rodents.

    Strong—Mechanical hinge secures lid and operates down to -20º F for long service life.

  • Flexible—Design also allows vertical mounting for tight or water-prone areas.

    Smart—Place traps safely in either station position.

  • Versatile—Accommodates bait, glue boards or traps.

    Cleanliness—Rounded interior sides result in easy and fast station clean out.

  • Dryness—Keep bait fresh with four fast-draining holes.

    Secure—Save time using cables with pre-drilled holes.

  • Adaptable—Knock-out anchor points provide flexible securing options.

    Choices—Vertical and horizontal bait rods included.

  • Cooler – Also available in Gray for lower internal bait station temperatures.

    Outperform – A balanced blend of speed, quality, and performance.

Aegis-RP Anchor

The Aegis-RP Anchor sets a new standard in security and professionalism. Until now, it wasn't possible to find a pre-assembled, full-featured, high-quality station with professional-looking concrete designed to fit with the bait station. Here are some advantages of the new Aegis-RP Anchor:


The bolt method is the strongest method for attachment. Two bolts are embedded into the concrete for maximum holding power. Strengthening fibers are embedded in the concrete for extra durability.


With over 12 ½ pounds of concrete, the station will stay where you put it. The concrete can only be detached by opening station with the Aegis key.


There is no more hassle with glue, drills, screws or paving stones. The Anchor comes with quick-release wing nuts for cleaning or moving.

Cost Savings

The Aegis-RP Anchor means your team doesn't have to assemble stations anymore, saving labor costs and the need to order and store paving stones. Not only do you get a high-quality, pre-assembled station, but it can save you money. When you add up all your costs to prepare a bait station, it costs more than buying the Aegis-RP Anchor.


Professionally packaged, the Aegis-RP Anchor comes 2 per case and weighs only 28 lbs. It is packaged so the product looks new the first day you use it and looks good and works well years later.


Building-grade concrete adds professional look and concrete is manufactured to the industry’s highest standards. The Aegis Anchor fits flush against wall, offers no harborage. The RP can still be vertically oriented for tight places even with the concrete attached.


Product Station
Case Dimensions* Pallet Configuration Weight
Bait Station
Length: 12 7/8
Width (incl. hinge): 7 7/8
Height (lid closed): 4
Height (lid open): 3 1/2
Length: 16 1/2
Width: 12 3/4
Height: 13 1/2
9 cases / level
6 levels / pallet
54 cases / pallet
108 stations / pallet
Station: 1 lb.
Case: 8 lbs.
Pallet: 432 lbs.
Anchor Bait Station
Length: 12 7/8
Width (incl. hinge): 7 7/8
Height (lid closed): 5 1/2
Height (lid open): 5
Height (concrete
base only): 1 1/2
Length: 16 1/2
Width: 13 1/2
Height: 7 1/2
8 cases / level
6 levels / pallet
48 cases / pallet
96 stations / pallet
Station: 13.5 lbs.
Case: 28 lbs.
Pallet: 1,344 lbs.
* in inches

For more information or the distributor nearest you, call 1-888-331-7900.